Four Important Habits

There are 4 spiritual disciplines, (we could also call them practices or habits), that will enhance the life of every Christian. When you help your children to develop these life-enhancing habits, you’re setting them up for a lifetime of spiritual health. The best way to help your kids develop these habits is to be practice them in your life. Let them see the importance of being spiritually disciplined by your actions and teachings.

Disciplines such as prayer, consistent Bible reading, memorizing & meditating on scripture, and fasting will:

  • Lead to strong faith
  • Increase spiritual health and wellness
  • Help know God better
  • Position them (and you) for God’s transformation
  • Help to make good decisions

Those are only a few of the benefits!

Developing these four spiritual habits in your life sets a great example for your children to follow. Talk with your children (no matter what age they are) about the importance and benefits of having consistent spiritual practices that will help them to know God better and to draw them closer to Him.

Here’s a download for you to print and post as a reminder.

In Christ,

Peggy Kelly

Family Ministry

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