Can you be Identified?

Jimmy Buffet enthusiasts are known as ‘Parrot Heads. At concerts they can be identified by their flowered shirts, shorts, and flip-flops, perhaps also donning feathers or parrot hats.  The Grateful Dead loyal fan base is called ‘Deadheads’; they are more of a rebellious hippie style, identified by their tie-dyed shirts with a skull and lightning bolt symbol. Groupies, followers, ardent fans – they know all the songs, band member names, and love identifying with other supporters. 

As Christians, we are followers, enthusiasts, devotees of Christ Jesus.

Come, follow me.

In February, the spiritual formation class is going to focus on what it means to follow Christ. Parents will find family activities related to the February spiritual formation study in the Google folder (link sent previously via email).

“Come, follow me.”

-Jesus (Matthew 4:19)

How do we follow Jesus?  

Jesus is calling us. He’s also calling our children and grandchildren, our family and friends. Tie-dyed shirts and colorful birds are already taken, so how are we identified as followers of Christ?

  • We say ‘yes’.  Jesus’ invitation is open to all; but he won’t force us. We choose to accept (or decline) this invitation. 
  • We get baptized.  We publicly profess our faith in Christ, formally committing ourselves to and identifying with Christ
  • We learn more.  Participating in Bible studies, prayer, listening to sermons, reading scripture
  • We apply it.  Read the Word consistently and apply it to our everyday living
  • We teach our children.  “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)
  • We share and invite.  We tell others what God’s doing in our lives, share the Good News with family, friends, others, inviting them to identify with Jesus, too
  • We serve.  Utilizing the gifts and talents God has given us, serving our church and our community
  • We worship.  Coming together as followers of Christ to worship our Creator, Redeemer, the Alpha and Omega
  • We love.  God has told us to love Him and to love others.
  • We follow.  Where is God leading you?  Remember to be still, be quiet and listen for God’s guidance. His Spirit empowers us us, giving us His understanding and insights.

The early followers were so loyal to Jesus and His teachings that other people knew by the distinct way they spoke, acted, and lived that they identified with and followed Him. 

It’s something to think about when considering your life. Can you be identify as a loyal follower of Jesus?  Do your children, your spouse, your extended family, friends, people you meet know it?

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

John 3:35

We are the loyal fan base, followers, and enthusiasts of Christ.  Parrot Heads and Deadheads have got nothing on us!  

One more thing, do you think there will be cheeseburgers in Paradise?

Christ enthusiast,

Peggy Kelly

Family Ministry Director

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