Parents are Teachers

Parenting and teaching are intertwined.  As a parent, you may not see yourself as a ‘teacher’ but essentially, that is exactly what you are. There is always something to teach a child. There are intentional lessons, such as life skills, safety, and being a good friend, and observational teachings, which are the lessons that kids learn from watching you and the other adults in their life.

Indeed, parenting is teaching and it requires a lot of love, consistency, and patience. Proverbs 22:6 tells us to “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. The Message paraphrase of this verse says to “point your kids in the right direction- when they’re old they won’t be lost”.

This type of being ‘lost’ is the striving, going off-course, self-reliant type of living. It’s not having the guidance, correction, confidence that Christ provides. There are a lot of ‘lost’ kids (and adults) trying to maneuver life without consistent, patient, loving guidance from their parents (or Heavenly Father). Many kids are not going in the right direction because they don’t know that a compassionate, caring, trustworthy God is for them and wants to be with them.

Teaching about God is an invaluable gift to your children. Knowing that God is for them will be an immense boost to their overall well-being.

Teaching. Parenting. Guiding. Modeling.

Yes, take your parenting responsibility seriously, but please don’t ever feel like you should have all of the answers to everything parenting-related!  Be consistent, loving, and patient with yourself as you maneuver your time as a parent. There will surely be some challenges or aspects of life that you struggle with or don’t feel equipped to teach. That’s ok.  There are many valuable resources available to support you! 

The Family Ministry Team is here to help support you as you train your child in the way he/she should go. We cover your family in prayer, teach weekly lessons from God’s Word, and desire to help you nurture your kids’ spiritual growth. However, the 45-60 minutes we spend with your child on a Sunday is only a supplement to the important job you have of parenting them. If you are seeking guidance or resources, please let us know; we’re happy to help!

Here are a few ways to help teach your child about God.

In Christ,

Peggy Kelly

Family Ministry

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